Take My Hand @ Placa de la Merce, Barcelona.10th June-11th September 2014

When Benedetta Tagliabue – on behalf of the Fundacion Enric Miralles and the City of Barcelona – invited Yael Reisner and I to design an installation for the Placa de la Merce in Barcelona, Yael reacted to the challenge of this evocative Mediterranean space and its romantic atmosphere, immediately and positively. It is faced on one side by a historical church that holds many Catholic weddings and on the other by the office of Registration: where civil weddings take place.

Moreover, the theme assigned to the installation was related to Democracy.

Yael quickly made the connection between the two and hit upon the concept of incorporating the universal symbol for human rights and then conducting weddings under it.

So from the first her understanding of the context, conceptual idea and all the subsequent design work has been hers. She has run with it and my contribution to the title !

 Peter Cook

1 June 2014

Please refer to Yael Reisner Studio at:  www. yaelreisner.com



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