Two hour journey with Itsuko Hasegawa * to Niigata where she built the Performing arts Centre 15 years ago.P1010696 P1010713

A series of ‘loops’ that run over the ground (which is used for car parking). these various lopps have buildings inside and garden ‘pads’ on topP1010709

Most audacious is the grass and small bushes covering the large concert hall domeP1010721

The lady herself


The underside P1010726

And the hall.P1010702

She’s now doing another one in another part of Japan.


One thought on “NIIGATA

  1. Have forwarded this to Chikako Terada Hart Architect and one of
    Our most distinguished sdsu/Ed alumnus…married to Tom Hart
    Architect and Artist of the first rank…once student and assistant
    To my second sdsu guest Bruce Goff…Archigram had been my
    First guests in 1970 in the RADIANT persona of Ron Heron &.
    Dennis Crompton ….Heron in Pink Floyd pants and Dennis in his
    Outback all business khakis..What A Show they put on !!! For all
    200 dollars , which we barely raised at the door…as the local….
    Architects …pardon the expression..boycotted such goings on !!!
    Later, of course I was able to have you Peter and old friend ….
    Rainer Banham Make wonderful presentations… THANKS &
    To see the reaction of those boycotters now….
    ALL BEST. Gene Ray

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