The ‘World Architecture Festival’ has now moved on from Barcelona to Singapore and yet it still retains that ‘London by the Sea’ atmosphere : with Paul Finch verity much as ‘mine host’ always genial and informative and any number of London ‘faces’ on juries, introducing speakers or popping out of elevators ! Moreover, it was a London-produced project : Singapore’s Cooled Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay that won the title ‘Building of the Year’. Architects  Wilkinson and Eyre were joined on the platform by Patrick Ballew of Atelier 10 and Neil Thomas of Atelier 1…anyhow all I needed to do was look straight down from my window in the Marina Bay Sands Goliath and see these extraordinary eco-trees.
Of course there are other views from this Moshe Safdie extravaganza ‘ as for instance., the view from the swimming pool at the top : where the water drops over the edge , only 57 stories above the rest of Singapore and somewhere below, Enric Ruiz Geli of Cloud 9 holds forth. So leaving the hype and cleanliness of Singapore (a kind of Asian Munich-on-Sea) Gavin Robotham and I set off for nearby Kuala Lumpur. I had been in correspondence with my long-ago AA student Huat Lim : one of the first people that I brought to teach into the Bartlett. There he had actually been one of Gavin’s tutors : also the tutor of a certain Susanne Ziegler from Frankfurt who had come over from the Frankfurt Staedelschule and joined the Bartlett. Huat charmed her to the extent that they married and came over to KL. Nowadays they have a high-end and very discriminating office called ZLGDESIGN of 20 or so young architects and their stuff gets better and better. Another of Huat’s enterprises is the staging of three or more lectures each nearby visitors from the UK or USA.
BOH Visitor Centre
Susanne Zeigler-LimTWO DUDES : Huat Lim pointing out one of the delights of KL !
TWO DUDES : Huat Lim pointing out one of the delights of KL !

zlgdesign is proud to receive the 2007 International Barbara Cappochin Foundation Award for Special Prize, for the BOH Cameron Highlands Visitor Centre project. With that we thank all those who deserve to be recognised for their support and contribution to help us realise the building.

The International Biennial “Barbara Cappochin” Prize for Architecture is launched in Paris. The purpose of the Foundation is to remember Barbara, a young student of the Faculty of Architecture I.U.A.V of Venice by promoting high quality architecture. This quality can only be obtained if the three essential figures, the Contractor, the Designer and the Constructor, work together to identify that thin line that connects life and architecture, by focusing on choices, ideas and materials in order to attain high quality results. This is the objective of the Foundation.

Later on ZLG produced a down-town tower and the Textile Centre in KL and then took us just to the edge of town to see his new high-tech block
I think that Gavin was a bit surprised by KL : with amazing noisy and vibrant late-night scene and a great rapport with Huat.

We jostled down the crazy market streets, ate delicious fish and glided into the jazz club ‘No Black Tie’. Sad to leave after two nights in the direction of Australia’s Gold Coast – where, of course, we’re building the SOHEIL ABEDIAN SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE at BOND UNIVERSITY………..
30 kilometres of beach towns…..and a bit inland the Bond University …host to CRAB STUDIO’S latest building …now rearing up out of the hillside….
SOHEIL ABEDIAN – whose name goes on the building – is with the black hair in the middle………there was a lot of photographing …..OF…….US BEING THERE !!!!!!!


  1. Peter. The workshop in February 2013 is on. We need a festival of sorts, there will be also snohetta, in Kuala Lumpur at the time could you and gavin agree to a joint workshop. I need your dates. ASAP. It might also be very separate. Thanks.

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