Last night saw the Bartlett (UCL) stage two simultaneous Autumn shows : that of the M.arch Urban Design in the main building
and that of the Masters Postgraduate Course in Architecture.
The first show was a partial swan-song for Coloin Fournier (see Monte Carlo Blog), who steps down as Professor but will continue to research.
It is a watershed moment for the Course as Peter Bishop (former Camden Planner) takes over as Professor but very clearly Adrian Lahoud will be the MOVER.
So Fournier’s charming open-endedness will be replaced by a determined, probably highly directed ?, new broom who is also a designer.

Adrian Lahoud Tripoli Project

Could be interesting Colin Fournier

Meanwhile, it looks as if the students have been enjoying themselves: Yanghee Lee

Chuan Jang & tianke Zhu

Meanwhile two blocks away
The opening of the Bartlett’s new Postgraduate Architecture building was celebrated by the show of the MArch :
Frederic Migayrou will now overview the whole school and Alicia Andrashek takes over Direction of the Posgraduate Architecture course

Alicia Andrashek ; body mapping

I myself was invited in to award the first ‘PETER COOK PRIZE’ a multicoloured ‘ear’ to complement the Golden ear, silver Ear and Bronze Ear awards
(former Ear Hospital….geddit ?)
An hour or so looking at some fifty or sixty projects left me in no doubt that Maj Piemenitas should get the award : his stuff is stunning : so in one week I’ve seen Roimpas in Paris (see earlier blog) and Piemenitas in London. DON’T TELL ME THERE’S NO TALENT AROUND : and these eastern Europeans ……?

Roimpas the Greek, Andrashek the Croat, Piemenitas the Slovenian ….. being ’em on, I say !!!!

Maj Piemenitas

Maj Piemenitas

Then I couldn’t help mention for the (non existent) Purple Testicle Award (i.e my runner-up), one Muhammed Hissan Awaizran……..



6 thoughts on “Meanwhile in London

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  4. Peter I still think you got it way back in the 60’s : drawings aren’t they the primer to all great architecture, more drawings please, CAD or whatever but drawings, and models anything but pseudo plans and fake detailing. Like you said bring them on.

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