First lecture was at main campus of Andres Bello University, where Martin Schmidt (former M.arch at Bartlett) is Head of School.
They put up an impromptu exhibit (pic 1) and had a 4 day scheme ‘Santiago of the Future’ by teams with architects, sociologists, artists, etc
(Pic 2, Pic 3)

From the top of a hill we saw the spread of Santiago : vast and wrapping in amongst hills…parts are reminiscent of LA : more ‘modern’ than Buenos Aires. Lots of glass and some rather fine upmarket villa areas with trees that are close to the newer bits of downtown.
Cesar Pelli building tallest tower in S. America

Tomorrow we go out to winery country, but today has been full-on Santiago.
Reminding you that it is full of new, glass stuff. And we headed for the big cultural centre for the 11 am lecture, Where the was a chirpy audience (both lectures in Santiago have had very enthusiastic audiences) and a girl who came over from Venezuela for the show !

Then lunch at the British Embassy (the Ambassador, Jon Benjamin is a very hip character). Meanwhile, there is a very nice hairy house in the old part of the city.

And in kiosks ‘THE CLINIC’ on sale – a Chilean ‘Private Eye’ named after the Clinic in London where the infamous Pinochet was holed-out.

But the real surprise of the day was a building done in 1995 by, our former M.arch student and host, Martin Schmidt, BEFORE HE CAME AS A POSTGRADUATE TO THE BARTLETT, a nutty a fearless green metallic deck with art studios for the National University ! Peter Cook

Mathias Klotz inside his Library


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