Remember : Open City was always primary intrigue regarding Chile : so question was : would it disappoint…..no way, perfect weather (Winter sunshine, like a VERY GOOD day in late March in UK).

O.C is located just past the Valparaiso-Vina del Mar conurbation , so curiously, you can see high-rises just over the top of the dunes and the Andes in the distance.

We started with the upper part : which is the newest (maybe 10 years old) and found it to be much, much more sophisticated than expected. Experimental brickwork, carefully tailored channels in the ground (a la Carlo Scarpa), etc

The ‘Forum’

Then as it gets going it starts to become more weird…

There are cuttings into the ground that you walk into

Then there’s some colourful stuff that reminded me of some of the renegade, slightly ‘hippy’ architecture in secluded parts of the Brisbane area circa 1980s-1990s
And on to meet a poet, a designer, more architects and a fabric design lady. The small community there is made up of various Professors : poets, graphic designers, architects, etc.
A social visit to the house of the architect and his fabric designer wife
Our friend from Manitoba MARK WEST has been there and done stuff…..

The house of Prof. David Jolly Monge (former Dean of the school)

A house opposite

A house for student visitors


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