Now we’re in CORDOBA…No 3 city of Argentina 1 1/2 million very old city of Spanish early colonisation but now big university town ; 300,000 students !
(Presumably a few will turn up tomorrow when Y and I do our lectures). Also 2 big car plants. Haven’t photographed anything yet as didn’t take camera to supper. But at night looks more ramshackle than B.A and people at dinner v. friendly and well travelled group of architects.
Meanwhile ; these picos of B.a show that shabby first day was oversailed by mostly being in B.a equivalent of Knightsbridge/hsmpstead etc. i.e most people we know complain of no money but live in nice parts of town : remember B.A is 14,000,000 so plenty of that!

The british built the railway station and the ‘English Tower’ a landmark

my favourite ” an art deco tower in centre, I photograph it each time I come

There is a big new development of towers & new commercial (usual suspects : KPF, Foster, Pelli etc etc)

Typical jumble of styles : posh downtown area

National Congress building (could be any US state capitol)

As the present gov. has reduced the police there are innumerable ‘private guard’ boxes so the wealthier areas are safe : they have these boxes.

Y and I are tip until 2 or 3 every night and eating chunks of beef and enjoying the wine – it’s rude not to !

Flattered by your clock : later this week – when we move west again, you’ll have to move it 1 more hour !


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