Immediate pilgrimage to CLORINDO TESTA’S BANK

(2nd visit for Yael, 5th visit for me)….RESONATES EVEN MORE EACH TIME.
This is still my favourite mid-20th century building. Won competition in 1959, built in next years.
They are now restoring it, reinstating the original colours.  Extraordinary presence, exquisite and raunchy detailing.
Bond Team : cry your hearts out for Clorindo’s stair & exotic handrail ‘jump over’…….
Lovely city is really looking much shabbier these days, but Clorindo marches on…..still at it and a good 12 years older than me !
Expect to meet the MAESTRO himself tomorrow. By the way, top 3 or 4 floors hang from big top beams, lower part rises up from ground.
Was very clever stuff : Testa was young guy attached to older technical office that built factories : he was the ‘artiste’ ,,,,obviously worked. the red things are ventilation : all vents, pipes etc are exposed but in a very ‘artt’ way.

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